Chatting with my soul

Exquisite corpse.

I proposed to my Instagram followers to draw a character based on their ideas by launching in the stories the question “What do you want the character to have?” and they responded during the 24 hours that the slide lasted.

With the answers they sent I created this illustration in which I fit all the ideas proposed, some appear explicitly and others not so much, but, in any case, they are all there.


These are all the proposals they made and can be found in the illustration: Girl / Unicorn horn / With a tail and one leg bigger than another / Something reminiscent of an owl / A dog like Jesu / Freckles, fangs, separate paddles, Forked tongue and a pet grasshopper / A book / Soul / A tattoo of a skull / Dragonfly wings / Piercings / Sheep’s eyes / Beer / An elegant cape / Many cats and a bottle of wine / A fusion between a person and a plant / A snake / Cat whiskers / Goat legs / A secret / Wings / A vintage style, a serious, thinking type should be expressed in it / A scar / A parrot on the shoulder / Fire / Various eyes and cat whiskers.