I studied Fine Arts and I discovered during those years that Art -with a capital A-  was not what I was looking for. After finishing my studies, I focused my career on graphic and web design.

I lived in Jordan for a few years. When I was there, I was working as a graphic designer with some of the main European cultural institutions. They used to give me quite a lot of freedom in my work and little by little, almost without realizing it, I started to draw and to include my own illustrations in the publications that we released. I started having a lot of fun and getting more excited about my work and I discovered that what I really liked, more than designing, was drawing.

You could say that in illustration I have found the balance between art and design.

About my work

My work is figurative and narrative. Human nature and the use of characters are my favorite resources to tell stories. I also like to approach the person as an individual, which has led me to develop my skill as a portrait artist.

Working with a figurative and narrative style makes my illustrations work well not only in picture books, but also in advertising, covers, posters, magazines -anywhere you need to convey an idea or communicate a message.

I use digital techniques with which I sometimes try to recreate other more traditional styles, such as pencil and watercolor.

I have illustrated for El Pais, Casio, Instituto Cervantes, Goethe Institut, AECID, Revista Libero, Cinemania, Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer and Amnesty International, among others.

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Professional Association of Illustrators of Madrid


A lullaby and off to bed. Bedtime story. Los Cokitos.

Big as a giant. Children’s story. Los Cokitos.

The mystery of the magic jungle. Children’s story. Los cuentos de Tragamanzanas.

Don’t get dirty! Children’s story. Los cuentos de Tragamanzanas.

Dándole Vueltas. Digital cultural magazine published with Fernando de Miguel and Rosa Quirós.

The Animal Circus. Children’s story of poems self-published with Irune Zarandona.


Ilustradas. Collective exhibition of women illustrators at Zonarte Granada. Images of the exhibition

Olalla Ruiz. Individual exhibition within the project “Urban Art” organized by the City Council of Torrijos (Toledo). 20 images exhibited through 10 cubes distributed in different areas of the center. Images of the exhibition

40 years reading. Collective exhibition organized by APIM at the Children’s and Young People’s Book Fair at the Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid. Images of the exhibition

Refugi il·lustrat. Entre el taüt i la maleta. Collective and itinerant exhibition promoted by APIV in support of the victims of this so called “refugee crisis”. Images of the exhibition