Olalla Ruiz, illustrator

Olalla Ruiz

* Please, note that my name, Olalla, sounds like “Olaia”, not like “Oh la la!” ;)


My name is Olalla Ruiz. I’m an illustrator based in Spain.

I studied Fine Arts, and after finishing my degree, I realized that this kind of art was not made for me, so I focused my career in web and graphic design.

I lived a few years in Jordan, where I used to work for the main European cultural centres. These centres allowed me to work in my own way; I started to include my own drawings and illustrations in most publications. I used to design what I wanted and in the way I fancied, and thus I started to enjoy my job so much and to discover that what I really loved doing was drawing.

After returning to Spain I decided to focus my career in drawing, so I travelled to city of Granada (in Spain) to get specialized in illustration, and it’s in this field where I have found the halfway between art and design.


Most of my work is aimed at publishing, drawing pictures for children, youth and adults. I work illustrating texts (picture books, stories, illustrated books, magazines) and educational and didactic material, as well as press and publicity.


Please, check my online illustration Portfolio on Issuu.



Grande, grande como un gigante. Children’s story published by
Los Cokitos.

El misterio de la selva imaginada. Children’s story published by
Los cuentos de Tragamanzanas.

¡No te manches! Children’s story published by
Los cuentos de Tragamanzanas.

Dándole Vueltas. Digital magazine in collaboration with writers and illustrators. Self-published with my partners Fernando de Miguel and Rosa Quirós.

El Circo Animal. Illustrated poems for children album. Self-published with Irune Zarandona.



«Ilustradas» 2019. Collective women exhibition in Zonarte Granada. > Imágenes de la exposición

«Olalla Ruiz, illustration» 2017. Solo exhibition within the project “Urban Art” organized by the local government of Torrijos (Toledo). 20 images are displayed in 10 cubes spread over different areas of the city center. > Images of the exhibition

«40 years reading» 2016. Group exhibition organized by APIM for the Child and Youth Book Fair. > Images of the exhibition

«Refugi il·lustrat. Entre el taüt i la maleta» 2016. Group and itinerant exhibition promoted by APIV (illustrators professional association) in support of migrant people. > Images of the exhibition

«Gioconda project» 2012. Group and itinerant exhibition in which more than 200 artists from around the world reinterpret the masterpiece of Da Vinci. > Images of the exhibition



«El Zoco Magazine». Interview in the section «Made in Torrijos».

«Radio Castilla – La Mancha». Interview on the radio program «Las dos miradas».




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Olalla Ruiz, illustration.